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Mincraft Grass Cube

May 13, 2011   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Video Games  |  No Comments

From the Etsy store where you can purchase one:

I’ve been sucked in to playing Notch’s awesome game, Minecraft (if you have not played it, go get it now!) and wanted a little souvenir to remind me of it on my desk at work. The cube is just over 2.5″ on each side, and sealed with 6 coats of clear lacquer to help keep it durable. It isn’t intended as a toy, but I think these look really nice sitting on my desk.

I think one of these would look nice on my desk as well.

Lego Starcraft II Siege Tank

Apr 15, 2011   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Legos, Video, Video Games  |  No Comments

Sim City Mayor Campaign Ad

Oct 10, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Humor, Video, Video Games  |  No Comments

Old Nintendo System Sells For $13,105

Feb 11, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Video Games  |  No Comments

Via Yahoo! Games:

Last week, North Carolina eBay user lace_thongs35 thought she was putting up an everyday, 80s-era Nintendo Entertainment System (together with five games) up on the popular auction site. But less than an hour after the first bid, the price was over $6,000—and on Wednesday, when the auction closed, the final selling price topped $13,000.

Why? Not the console itself, but one of the games bundled with it—a deeply obscure 1987 release called Stadium Events, a highly sought-after collectors’ item.