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Stormtroopers: Feeling Lucky

Jan 3, 2011   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Cool Stuff  |  No Comments

Boba Font Bounty Hunter

Nov 29, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Art, Blog  |  No Comments

[Found via Society6]

Star Wars Trilogy As A Paper Animation

Oct 6, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Cool Stuff, Video  |  No Comments

DIY: Milk Jug Storm Trooper Helmet

Oct 4, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, DIY  |  No Comments

This so cool I don’t know what to say. Many more pics and detailed instructions are located at Filth Wizardry. This would be a wonderful project for the kids and Halloween I think.

How The Idea For Chewbacca Came To Be

Sep 20, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, TV & Movies  |  No Comments

Ok, if you’ve ever wondered how George Lucas came up with idea of Chewbacca, wonder no more.

A few years later, in early 1973, as American Graffiti—a considerably less obtuse film, and with the possible exception of Wolfman Jack, devoid of wookiees—is taken away from Lucas by the studio and hangs in limbo, the first confused step towards Star Wars—then named The Journal of the Whills—introduces the name Chewie. Or more accurately, Chuiee, the writer of said journal.

Chewbacca, the character, also started his life in the rough draft (May 1974) as a kind of barbarian alien prince on the jungle planet of Yavin:


Wookees communicate in grunts and whines and are in some respects close in character to what ended up on the screen, but far from in role. Also, there’s some stuff about a bonfire party and yodeling (seriously).

Furthermore in the rough draft, Chuiee permutates into the Chewie we know, though here it’s attached to ‘a young hotshot [fighter pilot] of about sixteen years’, who for the following draft has his named changed to Boma Two instead, presumably because Chewie and Chewbacca were too alike.

The story goes on for page with wonderful details, including many of the original sketches of Chewbacca. Just a wonderfully interesting read.

Star Wars Sales Promotion

Aug 13, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog  |  No Comments

If you can’t make it to the Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando this weekend, we are more than happy to try and satisfy your intergalatic hunger. Although we won’t be dressing up, if you decide to go all out and arrive in custom yourself you’ll get a free SW mints tin, 15% off your purchase, and maybe a lil’ extra (depending on extent of costume) from Big Fun this weekend.