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Push Button For Portal Crosswalk

May 17, 2011   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Humor  |  No Comments

[Found via Pleated Jeans]

How To Write A Twitter Bio

Feb 27, 2011   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Technology  |  No Comments

Alex Blagg shares with us his 15 top tips for creating the perfect Twitter bio. Just a few of my favorites:

5. If you go out to bars like every night of the week, you’re not alcoholic. You’re a Foursquare Ambassador.


7. A great way to sound really smart and cool is to combine a vague/abstract word like “Idea” with an impressive or scientific-sounding title or profession. (ex. Idea Architect or Solution Ecologist)


15. Even if you’re worth negative-$30,000 and running your entire ‘start-up business’ out of a Wi-Fi-enabled Denny’s booth, you should always list yourself as an “Entrepreneur”.

I hope this doesn’t hit too close to home for some of my readers :).

Stormtroopers: Feeling Lucky

Jan 3, 2011   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Cool Stuff  |  No Comments

4-Year-Old Girl Narrates Starcraft II

Dec 17, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Awww, Blog, Video, Video Games  |  No Comments

Tiny Boxes Can’t Thwart Cat

Nov 13, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Video  |  No Comments

DIY Mac vs. PC Halloween Costume

Oct 31, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, DIY, Geeky  |  No Comments

Just wonderful. And if you look real close the PC has a “Fatal Error” message displayed on the screen. Got to love “geek” humor.

Sim City Mayor Campaign Ad

Oct 10, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Humor, Video, Video Games  |  No Comments

I Endorse This Message

Aug 25, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Humor, Video  |  No Comments

A Headline You Don’t See Everyday

Jun 17, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Humor  |  No Comments