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Mincraft Grass Cube

May 13, 2011   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Video Games  |  No Comments

From the Etsy store where you can purchase one:

I’ve been sucked in to playing Notch’s awesome game, Minecraft (if you have not played it, go get it now!) and wanted a little souvenir to remind me of it on my desk at work. The cube is just over 2.5″ on each side, and sealed with 6 coats of clear lacquer to help keep it durable. It isn’t intended as a toy, but I think these look really nice sitting on my desk.

I think one of these would look nice on my desk as well.

Lego Starcraft II Siege Tank

Apr 15, 2011   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Legos, Video, Video Games  |  No Comments

First Person Super Mario

Mar 30, 2011   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Video, Video Games  |  No Comments

Cool. This is what it would look like to play the original Super Mario Bros from a first-person perspective.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pac-Man

Mar 4, 2011   |   by Tommy   |   Video Games  |  No Comments

If you are my age you put a lot of quarters into Pac-Man. Well CNBC has a round-up of a few things I bet you don’t know about maybe the most popular game of all time.

While today’s player is slightly more likely to be male, gaming in the late 1970s was pretty much exclusively a men’s club. Iwatani wanted to change this, creating something that could appeal to both women and families, he says.

“The reason I created Pac-Man was because we wanted to attract female gamers,” he says. “Back then, there were no home games. People had to go to the arcade center to play games. That was a playground for boys. It was dirty and smelly. So we wanted to include female players, so it would become cleaner and brighter.”


WoW Cataclysm Is Here

Dec 22, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Video, Video Games  |  No Comments

I had not noticed this cause somehow I am not a WoW guy, but it appears to those that are, well this is “big” news. And I have to admit, this video does look like a lot, I mean a lot of fun.

New Yorker Profiles Shigeru Miyamoto

Dec 20, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Video Games  |  No Comments

Nick Paumgarten talks with Nintendo’s resident genius, Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo:

In his games, Miyamoto has always tried to re-create his childhood wonderment, if not always the actual experiences that gave rise to it, since the experiences themselves may be harder to come by in a paved and partitioned world. “I can still recall the kind of sensation I had when I was in a small river, and I was searching with my hands beneath a rock, and something hit my finger, and I noticed it was a fish,” he told me one day. “That’s something that I just can’t express in words. It’s such an unusual situation. I wish that children nowadays could have similar experiences, but it’s not very easy.”

I am not much of a first person shooter, so I love the statement, “re-create his childhood wonderment,” cause that is just what I want in a video game.

4-Year-Old Girl Narrates Starcraft II

Dec 17, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Awww, Blog, Video, Video Games  |  No Comments

Game Controller Ornaments

Oct 12, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Cool Stuff  |  No Comments

I normally don’t have a X-mas tree, but maybe I’ll need to have a gaming tree this year. That would be kind of cool.

Sim City Mayor Campaign Ad

Oct 10, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Humor, Video, Video Games  |  No Comments

Pac-Man Game Over Project

Sep 14, 2010   |   by Tommy   |   Blog, Video, Video Games  |  No Comments