The Daily Kent Stater Reviews Big Fun

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Bridget McLaughlin of The Daily Kent Stater drove over from Kent State to review Big Fun and she liked what she saw:

Nestled less than an hour away in Cleveland Heights on Coventry Road, Big Fun Toy Store couldn’t have been more appropriately named. Upon entry into Big Fun, customers are transported in a nostalgic time machine back to their childhood.


With the multitude of inventory Big Fun has to offer, you could find yourself spending hours there remembering all the escapades you got into with your Care Bears as a kid.

Big Fun not only carries new and vintage toys, but also birthday cards, band T-shirts, stickers, old school candy and knickknacks that are sure to bring about a reminiscent reaction.


If you have half a tank of gas and half a day to spare, Big Fun is a nostalgic adventure worth checking out.

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How The Idea For Chewbacca Came To Be

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Ok, if you’ve ever wondered how George Lucas came up with idea of Chewbacca, wonder no more.

A few years later, in early 1973, as American Graffiti—a considerably less obtuse film, and with the possible exception of Wolfman Jack, devoid of wookiees—is taken away from Lucas by the studio and hangs in limbo, the first confused step towards Star Wars—then named The Journal of the Whills—introduces the name Chewie. Or more accurately, Chuiee, the writer of said journal.

Chewbacca, the character, also started his life in the rough draft (May 1974) as a kind of barbarian alien prince on the jungle planet of Yavin:


Wookees communicate in grunts and whines and are in some respects close in character to what ended up on the screen, but far from in role. Also, there’s some stuff about a bonfire party and yodeling (seriously).

Furthermore in the rough draft, Chuiee permutates into the Chewie we know, though here it’s attached to ‘a young hotshot [fighter pilot] of about sixteen years’, who for the following draft has his named changed to Boma Two instead, presumably because Chewie and Chewbacca were too alike.

The story goes on for page with wonderful details, including many of the original sketches of Chewbacca. Just a wonderfully interesting read.

The History Of Scientific Thought As Infographic

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I am a sucker for infographics, or info porn as some call it. About my favorite are complex mass transit systems. Even better when the format of those systems are used to explain something else. In this instance, the entire history of scientific thought. I mean who is ambisious enough to even ponder, much less start a complete a project like this?

Real-time Satellites In Google Earth

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This just blows my mind. Who had any idea there were actually this many satellites in orbit. Just stunning.

Pac-Man Game Over Project

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Super Mario Turns 25

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Gene Roddenberry’s Rolodex Sells For $1280

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Well that is not a headline you don’t see everyday I guess:

Not only was Shatner’s info in there, so was Nimoy’s, Carl Sagan’s secretary, Astronaut Walter (Wally) Schirra, his wife (Majel) mobile phone number, all the numbers to house phones at his house, many relatives (surprisingly a lot are doctors in Georgia [….] does that make you think or what?!) and much, much more. I’m sure most if not all of the data here is very outdated and many of the people are no longer with us that are included on the cards, but it’s cool anyway. I’m hoping to get a chance to shoot a photo of the actual Rolodex sometime, if he feels it is safe enough to bring it to work. What a treasure! My friend is considering checking out some of the numbers to see if they’re still current. Who knows [….]

DIY: Store Your Board Games As Art

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I’d say for most of us the default storage location for our board games are on bookshelves or a hallway closet. Well the folks over at Infarrantly Creative have a much more creative idea. Their solution is to build what is essentially a reverse shadow-box where the board from the game is the front of the frame and the back of the frame is storage for the pieces and game accessories. Want to play some Cranium, you just take it off the hook on the wall and play it.

NYC World Maker Faire 2010 Promo

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The Money Tree Experiment

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Ever wonder what would happen if you hung 100 $1 bills in a tree on a busy public street? Well wonder no more.