Max Headroom Is Coming To DVD

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About freaking time. Shout! Factory has acquired the distribution rights for the 1980s futuristic cult classic cyberpunk series “Max Headroom.” The complete series is scheduled for release in August of this year.

Epic eBay Comic Book Auction

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Are you a comic book fan with a quarter of a million dollars burning a hole in your pocket and an empty warehouse or two?  Well, then you might be interested in this eBay auction of 285  pallets of comic books. According to the eBay listing:

The base of this auction consists of 4 millions comics, all checked for condition (VF 8.0 to NM) and 5-bagged. The selection consists of 30-40% Marvel and DC with the rest comprising of Image, IDW, Dark Horse, Crossgen, Valiant + other Indy titles. The titles cover the years 1988-1995 with a smaller selection from 1996-2005.

If my math is correct (and rarely is it) this comes out to about 6 cents a comic. Oh did I mention if you win the auction shipping is free.

Old Nintendo System Sells For $13,105

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Via Yahoo! Games:

Last week, North Carolina eBay user lace_thongs35 thought she was putting up an everyday, 80s-era Nintendo Entertainment System (together with five games) up on the popular auction site. But less than an hour after the first bid, the price was over $6,000—and on Wednesday, when the auction closed, the final selling price topped $13,000.

Why? Not the console itself, but one of the games bundled with it—a deeply obscure 1987 release called Stadium Events, a highly sought-after collectors’ item.

The Force Is Strong With This One

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Many, many photos are located here.

Studio 1AM Measure Me Stick

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The Measure Me Stick is pretty darn neat and better then just marking on the wall, even if it is awful pricey at $120. But would make for a nice DYI project on a long winter weekend.

Buy “Made In America” This Holiday Season

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Dear Friends,

I hope this message finds you and your family in good health.  We all cannot avoid the constant barrage of the negative news about the economy.  It’s in the newspapers, magazines and radio. It’s reality—we’ve been in a full-blown recession for over a  year.  Sadly, most of the retail doom and gloom has been focused on the Big Box retailers.  Their numbers are down, but those pale in comparison to the hurt this down economy has put on small independent stores.

I’ve talked to many businesses across the board and nearly all are experiencing a very serious downturn thus far this holiday season.  In some cases, we’re talking 40+  percent decreases in sales from last year (which, by the way, for most was a down year from the previous year, 2007.) For these independent stores, the holiday season represents 25% of their annual sales – the holiday season is a “make it or break it” scenario.

Compound this with increasing cost of goods, skyrocketing utility rates, rent hikes, taxes and well … you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out the negative consequences.  So why am I sending this email?  It is more than a gentle, subliminal reminder … It’s a plea!  <strong>SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT RETAILER THIS HOLIDAY SEASON</strong>.  I fear many will not survive the winter.  We talk about where we live and why we choose certain neighborhoods.  We talk about what we value and sometimes we don’t put a price on what it means to us.  What about customer service?  What about product knowledge?  I could go on …

Remember that it is many of your local merchants who donate to or sponsor events with organizations that you are familiar with.  Studies show a large percentage of dollars stay in a community when you <strong>BUY LOCAL</strong> vs. leaving the state with an online or big box purchase.

Sadly, if a local store closes, it not only becomes an empty storefront (in this economy, they’re not lining up to rent spaces) but the trickle down from this loss affects many—the local accountant, lawyer, insurance broker and printer to name a few.  So you really  know many who are or would be affected by  the closing of a local “Mom and Pop”.  So, <strong>PLEASE</strong> during this holiday season … try to spread the “Good Gospel” … support your local bookstore, record shop, boutique, hardware store, coffee shop, and toy store.   Shop at the galleries and support local artists.

Go out and support the small music clubs that hire local musicians.  Eat at independent restaurants.  Put the word out on the street.  Forward this email.  Tell your neighbors, friends and coworkers.  Teach your kids about the importance of supporting local businesses.  It’s all about education and awareness.  Buy multiple gift certificates in small amounts to give away this holiday season …

Be The Change | Think Globally … Shop Locally

Steve Presser
Big Fun on Coventry

Superman Cutout Pic From Metropolis, IL

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One of our regular customers was trekking across the midwest and couldn’t help but pull off at an exit when they saw a sign for Metropolis, IL the hometown of Superman. They snap this pic at a diner/gas station.

Cleveland Magazine: Big Fun Review

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And we make their list for one of the best shopping experiences in Cleveland:

Pointing out reasons why people don’t need to cross the Cuyahoga River isn’t our thing. We battle our city’s East Side/West Side divide as much as anyone. But sometimes an idea is too good to be corralled on one side of town. The opening of a West Side Big Fun was one of those instances. The retro toy store is a Cleveland Heights landmark, and its second location along Clifton Boulevard is a spot-on, albeit smaller, version of its namesake. Everything you love about the original is here: vintage Star Wars figures, old-school video game consoles and the big wooden library card catalog packed with quirky trinkets. (We also dug the fresh touch of using offbeat board games as floor tiles.) Soon, the West Side will be returning the favor with its own export.

Yahoo! Travel Visits Big Fun

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And has more then a few nice things to say about us:

My husband and I had read about this toy store in a local newspaper and thought it would be fun to see it sometime. It took a while, but we finally decided to make the trek to Cleveland Heights from our rural homestead in Geauga County (realistically, it’s only a 40 minute drive or so). As soon we walked in the door to Big Fun Toy Store we were transported back to childhood. The smiles hit our faces in the first few seconds and did not leave for days afterwards.


Walking through the store I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye. I could not believe it, an authentic Partridge Family lunch box with David Cassidy on the front. My heart fluttered as I remembered the crush I had on him when I was a kid. How could I have forgotten my first true love. The memories, and the joy they bring is what you get at Big Fun Toy Store. Best of all the memories are free of charge!

Playboy Names Big Fun “Coolest Store”

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Yes you read that correctly, that Playboy Magazine that you just read for the articles, named Big Fun one of the 20 coolest stores in all of America. We could about how great we think our store is, but instead why don’t we let the A-List editors at Playboy do it for us:

The goofy nostalgia at this jam-packed vintage toy bazaar is infectious. Whether you’re in search of a gag gift like Chinese finger traps or a device that catapults plastic nuns, or you’re a serious collector on the hunt for vintage Transformers toys or Pee Wee Herman trading cards, Big Fun’s got it all. Bonus points for the endless G.I. Joe tchotckes and old Intellivision game consoles. And don’t miss the Elvis shrine.

Oh, and with all the new and exciting stuff that is happening at Big Fun did we forget to mention we just opened a second store Big Fun Cleveland 11512 Clifton Blvd. Stop by and say hi!